"Jane Hitchcock"-An Irresistible Screen Heroine

Jane Hitchcock is the most interesting thing about "Nickelodeon". Hitchcock was a magazine model who Bogdanovich hoped to groom into a star. Unlike the others, Hitchcock was quickly turned off by the movie game, she already had a lucrative modeling career and didn't have to put up with the Hollywood starlet system. In "Nickelodeons" "Kathleen Cooke" she found a character she could play with wide-eyed innocence and complete sincerity. While it doesn't hurt that Hitchcock is drop dead gorgeous, her Kathleen Cooke character is more than gorgeous, she is absolutely captivating. Which makes her completely believable as the object of the movie's love triangle and elevates her to the top of my list of the all-time most irresistible screen heroines (even ahead of Fay Wray's "Ann Darrow" and Clara's Bow's "Mary Preston").
Reviewer : Grinalltheway

An Irresistible Screen Heroine